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Are you looking for a great place to take the kids for a family vacation? Look no further than the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! It’s one of the absolute best places in the country for families, with over a million visitors a year, you can’t go wrong on a Tennessee family vacation!

What makes the Great Smoky Mountains so great for families? Well… there’s a huge well of history to dive into for starters! There’s so much back story to the area that you’ll be able to keep yourself entertained for a long time just by doing some research on the different areas in this beautiful countryside.  There’s also the fact that you’re going to see some awesome scenery.  If you come in the spring, you’ll get to see all the lush green trees and plants.  If you come in the fall, you’ll get to enjoy watching these greens turn to brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows.  If you come during winter, you may get to see some snow. Regardless of the season the simple fact is it’s truly breathtaking year-round.

That’s not the only reason you should consider the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s also an amazing place to hike!  You can check out the different trails and spends hours upon hours walking through the National Park.  You’ll probably get a chance to see some of the wildlife in the area – including the elusive but majestic black bear.  Just remember not to feed the animals.  This can have a long term adverse effect on their health.  Instead of feeding them, bring your camera and capture a couple of great photos of the different animals you might see!

One of the most important parts of planning a family vacation is finding a place to stay.  If you’re uninterested in a hotel, you should definitely check out the cabin rentals that are intended for families to use. There are a variety of different ones, including some pet friendly options in case the kids can’t stand leaving their dog at home while they enjoy their vacation.

Most of these cabins can sleep between four and six, so they’re perfect for a small family that wants to get some quality time in together.  There are usually two bathrooms in each cabin, so the adults don’t have to try and fight the kids for shower time every day!  If your bringing the whole family, you may be interested in one of the large cabins that can sleep up to 21. There are other great amenities as well, including the awesome game rooms that some cabins have.  You can have a billiards competition; who plays better? The adults or the kids? It’s time to find out!  These cabins also have free WiFi and television, so you won’t find yourself easily bored.

There is also a fully equipped kitchen in each cabin that will allow you to make home-cooked meals instead of having to rely on dragging the kids to a restaurant for every meal.  These cabins are intended to feel like your home away from home.  There are also charcoal grills in case you feel like throwing some steaks or burgers on the grill.

Make sure you check out the different resort features that certain cabins come with.  You might want to play tennis, a round of golf, or enjoy the swimming pools.  Whatever you decide to do, these cabins are perfect for your family vacation:


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