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So many family Fun Things to do in Gatlinburg

Posted by on June 22, 2017

Gatlinburg Tennessee is a fun filled adventure packed destination for locals as well as tourists coming to the state for business, romantic getaways or vacations. The city offers several forms of travel options to help you get around. The Gatlinburg Trolley provides the easiest way to get around town and other nearby locations. Over the years, the trolley system has grown to include 20 trolleys and provide transportation to nearly 800,000 passengers.


All you need to do to find a boarding location for a trolley is look for the signs throughout the city that indicate a Street Trolley stop is nearby. There are over one hundred locations to board and disembark throughout Gatlinburg. Color coded routes enable you to know where the trolley is going by comparing the boarding sign color to the color sign on the trolley.


Several routes offer transport downtown and offer trolleys every thirty minutes. However, the Yellow Route is longer and offers specific, arts and crafts related stops. The wait time is longer, usually lasting up to one hour for arrivals and departures. There are several more trolley options throughout the year that visit historical locations within Gatlinburg as well as the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Most fares are only fifty cents, but for two dollars, you get all day access to the Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Red trolley routes. Rides along the parkway will be free after June 13th, with extra stops added along the routes.


Golfing in GatlinburgGolf is a popular destination in Gatlinburg, and there are several mini golf courses to provide entertainment to families and friends for hours of fun. Mini golf is less expensive than most activities and offers a variety of challenges for the young and old. One of the courses provides a cart ride up the side of a mountain to a unique course with beautiful scenery and easy holes for a relaxing afternoon. Many of the courses offer interesting sites, like robots or scenic waterfalls. Several also offer combination deals to other attractions throughout Gatlinburg. One of the best reasons that mini golf is so popular in Gatlinburg is because there are courses open year round. Most of the courses shovel as soon as it snows to keep access open to the public. Rain doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying a game, either. There are indoor courses as well.


For a fun mini golf experience your children will love, ask about the glow in the dark black light course. Even adults enjoy playing on this unique course. Venture under the sea and play around dolphins, beautiful mermaids, a giant octopus, and tons of tropical fish. There may even be hidden treasure in a sunken ship. At Firehouse Golf you can enjoy a nature hike landscape course that will have you visiting waterfalls, ponds, crossing stepping stones, lush scenery, and larger than life wildlife. The wildlife includes bears dressed up as firefighters. If it’s a rainy day, pass it at Circus Golf. They offer an amazing black light circus themed course with 18 holes. Not only will the 3-D displays and animated circus characters charm you, they also offer a mirror maze on sight for you to enjoy. Spend your day hunting for hidden treasure with Professor Hacker as he searches for diamond and gold mines in South America. Take your pick of one or both 18 hole courses. You’ll enjoy a pirate ship, caves, a hidden temple, waterfalls, and even a volcano as you move from hole to hole.


The trolley is ideal to get to hiking locations and historical sites. You can take the trolley to Laurel Falls parking and then travel on foot to the spectacular 80 foot waterfall. This trail is also accessible to people with disabilities and those in wheelchairs. You can also take the trolley to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. An underwater tunnel makes it feel as though you are splashing in the shallows with rays or swimming in the ocean with sharks. You can also experience the Penguin encounter. You can enjoy watching them waddle around their habitat or get your picture taken with them and pet them.

For the wine fanatics and even romantic getaways, there are a multitude of destinations to draw your attention. Local wineries and distilleries offer tastes of hand crafted beverages. The Covered Bridge and Village Fountain are ideal stops for the lovebirds. The trolley has access to any location you desire to see during your visit to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


Gatlinburg is also home to the Aerial Tramway. The Ober Gatlinburg Amusement Park and Ski Area is one of the most popular locations for families to have fun year round. Getting there is also half the fun. Take a Red or Green trolley to the Tramway Aerial Mall and board the Aerial Tram. Enjoy an exciting ride that is 2.1 miles long. At your destination you can enjoy a view of the many different species living in the Smoky Mountains. Wildlife Encounter offers the chance to see birds of prey and playful otters. A visit to the Black Bear Habitat offers a chance to see this treasured species safely from up close. You can also enjoy the ice rink or the Alpine Slide. Enjoy a ride on our Ski Mountain Coaster and enjoy a speed controlled ride up through the trees alone or with a friend. Enjoy access to 10 different ski routes for beginners and experts alike. There is also access to the Tubing Lane, where you can tube down a 400 foot snow covered lane. The Aerial Tramway was constructed in 1972 and opened to the public in 1973. This made it easier and safer to access the Ski area that opened in 1962. In August, The Aerial Tram will celebrate 40 years of service.


No matter if you spend the day enjoying a game of mini golf, taking a scenic ride through the city on the trolley, or even enjoying a climb up the mountain on the Aerial Tramway, Gatlinburg offers a full variety of destinations for anyone stopping in or looking for a day of fun.

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