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Posted by on June 08, 2017

Are there wedding bells in your near future? Are you about to tie the knot? Put a ring on that special someone?  You want your wedding to be something you remember and cherish for the rest of your life. Its going to be a day that you look back on when you’ve been married fifty years and you’re holding hands in a rocking chair.

One of the most important things you must consider when getting married is picking out the perfect place. Maybe you want an autumn wedding. Maybe you want the bright sun of summer shining down on you. If you’re planning a fall wedding, you can get married amongst the fantastic fall colors as the trees begin to turn red and yellow. If you prefer the summer, you’ll enjoy the warm weather of Gatlinburg.  That being said, you might want to bring parasols for your wedding guests! They’re functional, fun, and beautiful all rolled into one.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a great place to have a wedding, whether you want something more subtle yet traditional, or you want the ritz and glitz blow out. There are many historical inns where you can host your wedding, and then begin your honeymoon and life together. And just like the city of lights, there’s an endless amount of entertainment which will give you and your guests something to do once the ceremony is over.

Gatlinburg wedding in the mountainsIt’s very easy to get married in Gatlinburg.  Your cabin rental company can give you all the necessary information you might need to get your license.

Weddings can be a lot of work for you and your fiance'. There are so many little details that can’t be forgotten, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming and daunting.  That’s not how you want to remember your special day. Gatlinburg is home to many awesome businesses devoted to making sure your wedding is just right, allowing you time to put your energy on what’s important — each other!

Don’t forget the southern tradition of burying the bourbon! Legend says that if the bride to be wants to make sure her wedding isn’t ruined by rain, one month before the ceremony, she will bury a bottle of bourbon upside down at the venue.  Nobody knows if works or not, but some couples have sworn by it, and it’s a lot of fun!  Also, it makes a great photo opportunity!

If you want something traditional for your ceremony, many of the wedding chapels in Gatlinburg have a very traditional church atmosphere.  The typical wedding chapel is a beautiful, white building with stained glass windows, gazebos, garden areas for beautiful photography, and glass chandeliers that add to the beauty and elegance of the place. Most of the chapels in Gatlinburg can hold between fifty and eighty guests. The cost of the chapel wedding packages differ based on what you and your budget can afford.  There are some very affordable and cheap packages, and some that are very extravagant. It’s all up to you!  There are also many places to hold a reception for after the wedding itself.

A private Gatlinburg cabin is also available for your convenience. This will also you a more customized, casual event.  Not to mention, with guests, food, and photographers being minimized in the scenic log cabin, your wedding will be very economical.  Even your minister fee will be very minimal. Every year, couples from all over the country come to Gatlinburg for their weddings, and they enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.

Imagine this: a private wedding in a romantic Gatlinburg cabin, complete with a hot tub, fireplace, and the stunning mountain views. Once your guests go home, you have this cabin all to yourselves, to begin your life together. You can either rent an affordable Gatlinburg or an elaborate one, all depending on your budget.

You don’t have to stay inside the entire time, though.  There are plenty of attractions in Gatlinburg for you to enjoy.  You can even check out Ober Gatlinburg, a nearby attraction that hosts many fun things to do. If it’s a winter wedding, you can try out any of the slopes: there’s lessons for beginners, intermediate trails, and two difficult trails that are for the experts.  There’s also a giant mall to shop in, an ice skating rink that provides a fun little romantic afternoon, and plenty of things to do as a family if you have kids. There’s a roller coaster ride (one of the brand new attractions), hiking trails, beautiful scenery, an animal exhibit where you can see the bears (as long as it’s not winter — they’ll be hibernating!) and even more fun activities for you, your newly wedding spouse, and your kids if you have them!

In addition to your cozy little Gatlinburg cabin, there are several nearby attractions in case you need something to do during your honeymoon, or even if you need something for your small or large gathering of guests. Gatlinburg combines romance with the beautiful outdoors. Home to the Rocky Mountains National Park, you can see wildlife, go on hikes, and take beautiful pictures to send home to those who either want to remember this special occasion or weren’t able to make it themselves.

 If you decide to get married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you’re going to have a unforgettable wedding experience.  The wedding staff awaits you — from the photographer, the minister, and the lodging, to even the beauty make-over for the bride to be and her wedding party! If you can’t make it to Gatlinburg in time to plan your wedding there, don’t worry! There are plenty of planners that exist online and by brochure, and they’re eager to assist you with the entire process of planning and the actual event itself.  

Make sure your wedding is something you never forget! Come to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with your friends and family, and have the wedding of the lifetime.  Whether you want the warm summer weather or the cold bite of winter, there’s something for everyone, and plenty of people around to make your dream come true!

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