Cobbly Nob Resort locations and map for guests and visitors

The cobbly nob map shows the Village of Cobbly Nob and the streets leading to the cabins in the area.  You can find the best mountian views in the smokies here. Cobbly Nob is located above and around the Bent Creek Golf Course, and the Greenbriar section of the National Park.  You enter Cobbly nob via the golf course entrance.  There is a security guard, but you will not have to stop.  All of the roads are paved, but they are mountain view roads. Cobbly nob is a short drive to Gatlinburg, and you can find plenty of new places to eat along the way.  There used to only be just one pizza shop near the area.  There is not much traffic, and the drive into Gatlinburg is simple.  There are bears in Cobbly Nob.  As long as you do not feed them, keep trash/food sealed, and keep your distance then they will not bug you.  They are beautiful creatures.  Please do not ever feed them.  You will enjoy your trip to Gatlinburg while staying in a cabin at the Village of Cobbly Nob.

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