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Map of Cobbly Nob

Posted by on July 10, 2018


Here you will find a map of the Village of Cobbly Nob, one of the most beautiful places to stay near Gatlinburg with expansive mountain views from most cabins located here. Cobbly Nob is located just a few minutes from Gatlinburg and sits above the Bent Creek Golf Course and also very near the Greenbrier section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are many restaurants and shops along the way to Cobbly Nob which will temp you to stop. Be sure to indulge yourself by spending some time at a few of these wonderful places. To enter Cobbly Nob, you drive into the golf course entrance and past the security guard shack. Don’t worry; you won’t be stopped by the guard. The Cobbly Nob roads up and around the mountain are paved and have some of the best mountain views in the area. They are winding and some are steep but they’re very easy to navigate. The traffic is light and the drive to and from Gatlinburg is very easy using US 321. Near some of the best restaurants in Gatlinburg, Cobbly Nob has some of the most beautiful cabins in Gatlinburg located on this majestic mountain.  Be sure to check out some of Pioneer Vacation Rentals cabins shown below. We’re sure you’ll find something amazing to suit your vacation needs.

Do be aware there are bears located in Cobbly Nob. If you do not feed them, keep your trash tightly locked up in the bear proof trash facilities at your cabin, keep you food secure and keep your distance, our local bears won’t bother you. They are some of the most beautiful creatures in our area and a joy to watch…from a distance. Do not approach them, especially if you see cubs. Bear mommas are very protective. Do not ever feed them. If they become accustomed to being fed, they become a danger.

You will most definitely enjoy your stay in the Cobbly Nob Resort and with Pioneer Vacation Rentals. One of the most peaceful, beautiful places near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge you’ll ever see. Enjoy the quiet, look up at the stars at night, and watch the wildlife that lives on the mountain including beers, turkeys and deer. You’ll never want to stay anywhere else once you’ve stayed in a cabin in Cobbly Nob.


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