Welcome to the Rewards Program!

Log into the guest portal and from your dashboard you will see all the Free nights you have earned in total, Used, Pending and have Available for use under the “MY REWARDS” section.

There is a list of everyone that you have referred to Pioneer Vacation Rentals, so you can see which of your friends or family members has booked their stay with Pioneer. You will receive 1 Free Night every time someone you have referred books at least a three night stay with Pioneer Vacation Rentals. When they book it will show up as “Pending” under “MY REWARDS”, after they have completed their stay you will have 1 Free night “Earned” and available to use.

To use your free night(s) all you have to do is call the office at 865.684.4680, when you are put into the system it will show the reservationist how many Free nights you have available for use. If you have more than one night available, they will ask how many you want applied to your reservation. The free night(s) must be applied at the time the reservation is being made, we cannot go back later and apply a free night. To use your free night(s) you will have the option to stay 2 nights and use 1 free night or stay 3 or more nights and use 2 free nights. No more than 2 free nights can be used per a 3 or more-night stay.

There is a limit of 5 free nights that can be earned in a 12-month period which begins at the completion of your first referrals completed stay. Your Free nights must also be used within the 12-month period which begins at the checkout of your first referrals stay, they do not roll over to the next 12-month period. Your Free nights can only be used by you, they are non-transferrable.

Also in your dashboard you can find a list of all your previous stays at the bottom under “MY RESERVATIONS” with viewable details of each stay. If you had a particular cabin you especially liked, you can refresh your memory here.

So, get started earning those free nights and refer someone you care about!