Pioneer Vacation Rentals

Weather Alert!

Pioneer Vacation Rentals is sending all guests scheduled to arrive between Friday December 7 and Sunday December 9 this message to alert you of an incoming weather system which may cause it to snow in this area over the weekend. Please be prepared for possible snow. A four-wheel drive vehicle is suggested otherwise you may need to bring chains. You can monitor the system here for the latest information. As a precaution, you may want to bring extra food and warm clothing. For those staying in cabins with wood burning fireplaces, if you would like to purchase firewood please contact our office at 865-684-4680. Firewood can also be purchased at local area grocery stores. We are sending this message and making these suggestions as a precaution, not to cause alarm, this message is simply a courtesy to inform our guests of what we know at the moment and to give you the opportunity to better prepare ahead of your arrival.


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